Tuesday, August 2, 2016

the last summer visitors

This summer's theme has been "how to entertain while working 80 hour weeks". It has only been possible by the grace of God. We just said goodbye to our last visitors of the summer (unless you're still coming, Evan?...cough, cough.). 
When Bryan & Lisa came, we invited them into the madness of berry harvest (Will they ever come back this time of year?...perhaps not:) ). They babysat Fee from 5 am til I got done for the day. (Some vacation!) They made their own breakfast, their own lunch, & didn't complain when we ate out 80% of the time.
We carved out moments in between where we had fun. It wasn't ideal, but we did what we had to.  It's hard to believe we're here already. I only spent a week in Illinois with David & Roxy before I moved 2,000 miles away. And I was about to get married, so the time hardly counts. It's been so good to have them come see us so we get to know them. Roxy was a good little model this trip. 

Ollie and Fee got along well most of the time. They'd chase each other around the island, giggling. Fee was a bit of a bully. (Really. We've got our work cut out for us.) Overall, Fee did well having more family here. She is turning into quite the entertainer. 

They'd heard about the alpine slides from their cousins, & wanted to try them for themselves. So I made another trip up to Mt. Hood:). I am so thankful Oregon has so many cool things to do! Our little apartment, as delightful as I think it is, just wouldn't keep kids occupied for a week.

Roxy's birthday was the day before they got here, so we celebrated it with them. Nothing big, just chocolate cake & a hand-me-down shirt for a gift:). I rarely get to celebrate these milestones with my Illinois family though, so I took advantage of the opportunity.

In all the craziness of berry harvest, though, we never did go on the birthday swimming outing like I'd promised her. I think Riley & the pond were a suitable replacement though. 

It's hard. It's hard to be so far from family. I can't think about the future: I worry about how we'll make visits work, we'll be busy in the summer, school is the rest of the year. Our school breaks might not line up. Tickets are so expensive during holidays. Somehow though, I know God will make a way. He always has.

Until now, it's worked. It's been good. I've gotten to spend half my summer with family this year. It's been crazy busy & I can't remember the months of June or July. But I know this: Fee knows her cousins now. And that's worth whatever crazy stunts we have to pull to make the visits possible.