Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fiona | 4 months

Here we are, at four months already! (Four and a half, but we round down around here.)

Fiona has blossomed this month. So many new things, so much sweetness! She has this adorable habit of chewing on her toes--both feet up, bent perfectly in half. Crazy flexible girl.

She's rolling over, mostly from back to stomach, but the other way too.

She's weighing in at a hefty(er) 11 lb 8 ounces. Still a little peanut. So we've got doctor's orders to hold on the baby food til five months, much to daddy's dismay. He's just dying to stuff a spoon in her "mundy" (long U sound--it's a Sinn word for mouth...not sure where they come up with some of these.)
It was also the month of her first haircut. As you can see, she was beginning to sport a mohawk, & as reluctant as I was to cut her hair, something obviously needed to be done. I let Dar at it. It was rough. I strongly dislike first haircuts. There's something so fragile & sweet in those flossy little strands. (I had NO idea I'd be so sentimental over hair! Hair, people!) Some day, I will find an envelope marked "Fiona's hair" & wonder why in the world I kept it.
Don't mind the spit up.  
The "after" photo. So much scalp. Sigh.
She graduated from sleeping in her car seat at night to the pack & play in our room, but it isn't working very well, so she might get moved back. We are going to have a one year old sleeping in her car seat!

She's started sitting too. I can't believe how fast she's growing. She's too busy to be cuddled these days (boo!) with all the world to discover. Textures get her going, especially soft & cuddly, but she likes scratching at goose-bump raising textures too. 
I love this little girl with her round, rosy cheeks & blond (?!) hair (even if most of it is gone now). She makes my life full & my nights a little less full than they used to be, but boy, do we love her!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Alex + Carmen come again

The highlight of Alex & Carmen's visit was seeing these two cuties together. Pierce is older by six weeks, so he was a little bit of a bully, but Fee handled him pulling her hair pretty well. 
It's so sweet to be in this stage with my brother & my friend. I didn't worry when Fee was being whiny or about dragging a baby along--they were right there with me!

Both babies are little peanuts for their age; must be the shared 7/8 genetics, eh;)?

 It wasn't all about the babies though. We did get a tour of wine country in one lovely evening. The views are incredible, & the roads are remote enough to just stroll around.

 And it wouldn't be July in Oregon without some berries. We watched the night crew & rode on the berry picker. Dar & Alex hashed the more technical aspects of berry farming. Me? I just eat the berries! (I am interested in the farming part too, actually. even if I'm still a little naive about it all.)

 They were here over the Fourth of July, so we got in a parade & a good, old homegrown fireworks show.
 It was still hot while they were here, so we spent our time outside by the pond or kiddie pool mostly. The boys are into croquet this summer & usually get a game or two in a week.

It was the third summer in a row they've made it to Oregon. I know this can't last (unfortunately). More kids, more busyness, they'll take their toll. But for now, I'm so glad they make the effort. It's so fun to have them here, to have a brief snippet of life with them, to see our little ones beside each other. Soon enough it will be the little ones begging to travel back & forth!

Monday, July 6, 2015

wes + kinsey

It's visitor time here. Oregon's normally a welcome respite from the heat & humidity for Midwesterners, but this year's been a strange one. We've swapped weathers, it seems. So when my brother Wes & his wife, Kinsey were here, it was sunny & hot. Perfect for a brief hike up in the hills & a day at the coast.
Wes & Kinsey were here for a few days recently. Wes hasn't been out to Oregon since I got married --the only one of my family who hadn't made an appearance yet. Since Kinsey has lots of family ties out here, too, it made sense for them to come see me. 
Wes was (is) the brother who always knew how to push my buttons. It's so sweet to see him holding my little Fiona, & enjoying it immensely, I might add. I forgive him for all the years of pain & annoyance he's cause me. 
Our local waterfall hike was perfect. Sunny, but not humid, clear glacial blue water, salmon berries on the trail. And Wes being Wes.

We chilled lots at my house. We excel at chilling around here.

One day, we went on a drive to the Coast to get their seafood fix. You must get seafood while in Oregon. We hit up Newport Bay.
And saltwater taffy. Seafood & taffy are paramount.
Also chocolate covered marshmallows? Not sure why Wes paid money for one...
It was a lovely day at the beach by Oregon standards, i.e. we didn't need jackets & we could see the sun.

It was Fiona's first Coast outing. She wasn't crazy about the wind. And this (photo below) is what happens when Wes is the photographer.

It takes effort & cold, hard cash for my family to come see me. It isn't just a quick, last minute decision. It means so much to me when they come. Wesley, it was lovely (really, it was.) to see you. Come again soon!