Friday, February 24, 2017

coast trip a family of 3

Not having expectations is something I'm working on. Too many times I let my expectations ruin what would otherwise have been a very enjoyable experience. Maybe it's more about letting go of control. But I'm working on it.  #workinprogress

But the other weekend we took a spontaneous trip out to the coast as a family of 3.5. It was just right. Ideal even. But maybe that's just because I had no expectations to begin with that were just ripe for dashing.
The sun shone. Fiona cooperated beautifully. (Although I've definitely shifted my expectations to what cooperating is for a 2 year old: it meant, she took a nap, didn't thrown any major tantrums, & let me scarf down my meals without too many demands to wander or leave the table.)

 It was just so fun to be a family of three. We haven't taken many opportunities to do outings as just the three of us, mostly because we have so much family that is fun to travel around with (and built-in babysitters, cough-cough). So it felt different to be so few.
We strolled the sidewalk in Depoe Bay, searched for whales (didn't spot any), & ate lunch at one of the best views on the coast.

 I didn't really have any expectations of doing much. One thing children will do is force you to take it slow. Walk slow, notice every shell, every bubble in the sand, pick up sea wood, backtrack, & explore it all again. It's a good lesson. And she even took a nap on the beach which meant we had to bask in the sun til she woke back up. oh, bummer:).

 Trips to the coast definitely are different with a pint-sized tagalong. But the wonder & joy she got out of each new little discovery was a privilege I never knew I'd enjoy so much. Little coves & rocks, that I wouldn't have even noticed, let alone find beauty or adventure in, were untouched worlds of wonder to her. Adulting can be so jading & busy. We miss the miracle of the little every day. Unless we slow down & take time to really see. I'm thankful (although at times frustrated by) for Fee's deliberate & slooow exploration of her surroundings.

We came home happy, closer & refreshed that a family of three is pretty awesome. I suspect a family of four will be pretty awesome, too. Although it might take shifting those expectations again & learning to take things even slower, I'm sure;) And maybe a little time to settle in til we attempt another spontaneous coast trip.